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MUBATEC company was established in Germany in 2011, but has its roots in Russia in the 80s of the last century.

The Soviet Union collapsed and new opportunities of foreign scientific collaborations were opened. In that time I worked on developing methods and instruments for metal control of equipment of nuclear power plants in a research institute in Moscow. On one of the scientific exhibitions held in Moscow I meet Mr G. Sterzic, head of UTS Company. He offered me a contract for the development of a portable hardness tester for UTS company, and this decision proved to be fatal for me.

Over the next two years, I designed and built a prototype for the company UTS, at the time, innovative compact hardness tester, and received a patent for his design, but the main thing - I have gained invaluable experience and dream - opening private firm, similar to the UTS.

I only managed to do in 2004, I organized a scientific and technical company CMSLM Ltd., which all these years working with monitoring and diagnostics NPP assesses residual life of the main equipment, pipelines, buildings and structures of civil reactors.

Successful development of Russian firm and positive experience of my work in Germany has allowed me, with my wife, Alla Romanova, take the next step in the development and open research and production company MUBATEC, in Rottenacker.
The purpose of the organization of the company is using collected knowledge and the most interesting technical solutions used in the nuclear and other industries.

Nuclear power plants are currently the most sophisticated technical object in the world. Maintaining an acceptable level of security requires the most modern methods, tools and experimental study of reliability. The methodology of the monitoring and diagnosis used in nuclear power plants, it is quite versatile, and can also be effectively used for solving most of technical problems.

With this purpose, on the first stage of its work, the firm MUBATEC has developed and prepared for serial production of its first automatic universal hardness tester MUBATEC-HU1, implementing the most advanced, for now, analysis method: method of kinetic indentation.

In the design of this device were used technical decisions from my first German patent and, of course, many years of experience in the development of special hardness for nuclear power plants.

This device can carry out the control in any circumstances, without losing the accuracy of the data, and its reliability is guaranteed by the German workmanship.

But the development and production of devices, it is only part of the activities MUBATEC. The main activity - is the organization and carrying out work to assess the residual life of complex technical objects. In this regard, I can clearly see great prospects, because in this work more fully focus our scientific and technological potential for the use of the new multi-parameter intelligent remote monitoring on-line assessment of the state of the equipment. Know-how of our approach is that data about the object collected by a specially established control sensor showed not only the state of the object of control, but also training programs strength calculation of the actual residual resource.  This approach allows us to look to the future and the past of the study design.

Support for management of city Rottenacker allowed in a short time to build a comfortable office building and several laboratory complexes.

In laboratory buildings organized analytical laboratory, equipped with the most advanced testing machines, which allows testing not only specimens, but also the hardware components in a wide range of tests: static, dynamic and cyclic loads, including macro and microstructural analysis of materials.

In the near future it is planned to create on the basis of MUBATEC expert centre of expertise for rapid analysis of emergency situations, as well as under the auspices of the IAEA to organize a series of technical seminars, workshops and training of nuclear experts in Europe, Asia and America.

I am convinced that the creative and cooperative MUBATEC and CMSLM, based on the new organizational, technical and production capabilities of MUBATEC and high scientific experience and technical potential of the experts of CMSLM, is the key to our successful development in the future.

MUBATEC – it is a fusion of tradition and perspective.

Dr. Bakirov

Dr. Bakirov