Samples of works

1. Extension of service life of NPP equipment and pipelines.

MUBATEK is working on extending the service life of equipment and pipelines of NPPs 1 and 2 circuits, in full accordance with IAEA methodology and recommendations, starting from the development of the program of work, by provid- ing a comprehensive experimental and experimental assessment of the state, taking into account the aging dynamics and issuing final accounting documents with recommendations for subsequent operation.
2. Extension of service life of underground pipelines and vessels.

MUBATEK conducts work on a comprehensive survey of the state of underground pipelines and vessels, taking into account the dominant operational impacts. The work consists of an assessment of the effect of the corrosive environment from the outside and from the inside, using robotic means of visual-measuring control and the calculation justification of the residual resource.

3. Extension of the service life of NPP buildings and structures, including a сontainment.

The management of the resource characteristics of buildings and structures is based on the Mubatek methodology on the calculation and experimental on-line monitoring of the state of the controlled objects under the influence of the medium and seasonal changes (humidity temperature, etc.). Based on the results of the work, a recommendation is given for further operation.

4. Expert evaluation of operational damages and the development of compensatory measures, in relation to pipelines, pressure vessels and nuclear power plant buildings and crane structures.

Mubatek conducts an expert assessment of actual operational damage and calculation of residual survivability of structures using the methodology of direct on-line monitoring. The stages of work include the analysis of design and technological documentation, including

  • Analysis of the prior operation and, if necessary, the restoration of missing data.
  • Development of a numerical design model and conducting a preliminary finite element stress stress analysis and selection of control sites for on-line monitoring
  • Development, production and installation of on-line monitoring system for the control object, taking into account the recommendations of numerical calculation
  • Monitoring and collection of experimental data and use of these data to improve the computational model based on the inverse problem algorithm
  • Carry out calculated calculations based on the obtained experimental data and estimate the residual resource of the critical zones and issue recommendations

5. Expert, non-destructive non-destructive testing of the state of metals of the equipment and pipelines of nuclear power plants during operation. Assessment of the level of operational ageing.

Mubatek conducts complex expert control of SS materials by non-destructive methods of BAT with the possibility of estimating the level of operational ageing taking into account the dominant mechanisms.

6. Development of methods and production of surface hardening systems for pipeline equipment in order to increase fatigue strength.

Mubatek conducts research works on the development of technology to extend the safe operation of metal of various designs on the basis of the method of surface static and dynamic hardening. To carry out full-scale monitoring, Mubatek modernizes and develops facilities for the realization of valuation technologies.

7. Development and manufacturing of robotized complexes for non-destructive, ugly control of fur properties of materials of equipment.

Mubatek develops, manufactures and provides technical assistance in the use of robotized automated instrumentation systems for non-destructive nondestructive testing of equipment materials at the stage of manufacturing and operation. The technical solutions used in these complexes make it possible to use them in conditions of high radiation, humidity and under control under water.