Pre-training of the IAEA 2020 Course "Training learning course on the Methodology of Monitoring integrity of structures, systems and components (SSCs) from thirty years of failure experience in NPPs" was held at the Mubatec base from September to December.


The study of the life of the hedgehog Mubatec family is ongoing. Recent research has shown that the family consists of father Pierre, mother Mary, brother Jacques and a child (the name is being clarified). The family is in good condition, all members of the family are very active and are not going to hibernate. Conclusion - winter is not coming soon! Research continues, details in a week.


Research of human condition by changing locomotion is continuous. Various types of monitoring systems are used in the research: 3D motion capture system, G-Walk sensor, etc. The results obtained allow us to obtain stable information about the basic parameters. Work is continuous to obtain statistics and exit the laboratory. We also get help from BTS Bioengineering about using their sensor.


A new application was found for Mubatec knowledge in the field of online monitoring of the status of some objects. In this case, Mubatec made a house and equipped it with an online hedgehog life monitoring system. The main results, that were obtained after a week of testing, showed, that the winter of 2020 will be long and harsh, since our observed hedgehogs have a big appetite.


Work on the preparation of a new IAEA course "Understanding and mitigation aging in Nuclear Power Plants (NPP): material, testing, residual life assessment, operational aspects of Plant Life Management (PLiM)" has begun. The main efforts are aimed at preparing new laboratory experiments on model crack resistance tests of nuclear reactor vessels materials.


Human locomotion for lifetime management experiments resumed.


Mubatec participated in the exhibition Control 2019 in Stuttgart from 07.05.2019 to 10.05.2019. The exhibition was a success, there were many interesting meetings and proposals.


Mubatec began preparations for the 33th exhibition Controle 2019 in Stuttgart (from 07 to 10 May 2019). Our stand will be located in hall 4, stand number 4418-1


Work is underway to tuning the new hardness tester HU1T for high-temperature measurements using the instrumental indentation method


Work continues on a new project gait using a new modification of the sensor Mubatec Gate2